New Products in da Works!

First off, I will be discussing partnerships with 3 other companies to help expand lootiful’s gear list! Hopefully in the coming weeks lootiful customers will have options to get laser cut and engraved custom items, some friggin’ awesome geeky vinyl decals, and of course, more one of a kind products:

Like this amazing block light custom built for you by 8BITLIT:



Science: Let Schrödinger's Cat Decide If You Should Order Sushi Or Thai(via @Gizmodo)

Any decision in life, whether ordering take-out or taking over a corporation, should be left to the randomness of the universe. Like flipping a coin, or even better, a 1935 thought experiment on quantum mechanics by an Austrian physicist. Explaining the science behind the Schrödinger’s Cat…

Source: Gizmodo


Brand Spanking New Blog

Huzzah! LOOTIFUL has finally made it to the blog world!

I will be using this blog to promote new products, hand out occasional coupons + deals, and in general promote the business. Oh, and of course blast people with all my geekery and finds… :p

Family Getting Together!

Installation / Close up view of our most popular iPhone case. Click here to buy.